Video Surveillance for the Modern Age

Most cases where intruders are successful in gaining access to homes or businesses for the purpose of theft is when no one is around to see or catch them. Worldwide Security has raised the bar all over the New York City area when it comes to video surveillance, upholding our status as a leading provider of surveillance systems to help you continuously monitor your home or business.


Cutting-edge Security

For decades, we’ve helped New York homes and businesses implement innovative and integrated video monitoring systems, ideal for parents wanting to keep a watchful eye on the babysitter, those who want to make sure pets are staying out of trouble, or even just to stay aware of who is approaching or entering the front door. Trusted by more than 23 thousand customers all over New York, Worldwide Security knows how to secure and protect with a surveillance system on a level unmatched by our competitors.    


Always Connected, Always Informed

No matter where in the New York area you are, we keep you connected. Our advanced video cameras are quick and easy to install and can be placed virtually anywhere in and around your home or business where it makes sense to have another set of eyes. You also have the option to install DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR (network video recorder) services.  

Our video surveillance packages also include remote access security, helping you to monitor who has access to your home or business even when you are away.  You will also be able to see what your video cameras are capturing through the use of remote viewing video surveillance, and will have video analytics at your fingertips, keeping you abreast of all that is going on in and around your home and/or business.


Why Customers Choose Worldwide Security

What makes Worldwide Security unique within the industry is the time we spend selecting the video surveillance system that meets the unique needs of each client. We understand that no two spaces are the same,  and the highly trained and knowledgeable staff at Worldwide Security are standing by to provide you with the assistance you need from the video surveillance system installation stage and beyond.  


What Sets Us Apart

There are immediate and lasting benefits to selecting a commercial or home surveillance system from Worldwide Security. These benefits include:

The ability to check in at any time from anywhere with the use of a mobile or web-enabled device. Gone are the days worrying if the kids are getting into trouble!

Added protection of your loved ones and staff. Make sure elderly family members are okay, and that your kids have arrived home safely. Further, monitor employees who may be working late shifts.

Prevention of false alarms. Should you receive a security alert, take a moment to check your video surveillance feed to determine if there is an emergency that requires emergency personnel or not.

Overall peace of mind. You no longer have to stress over the security of your home or business as you have the power to monitor what is going on in your spaces right at your fingertips.


The Worldwide Security Difference

Worldwide Security representatives are ready to begin your free consultation and discuss your commercial or home surveillance system options today.  Contact us to explore all that is available and get your home or business equipped with the innovative and always advancing technologies offered exclusively by Worldwide Security, a leader in the security system industry. From our initial conversation to the video surveillance system installation and beyond, we are committed to providing the customer service and tech support you deserve.

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