Wordwide SafeShop

Intervention technology deterring incidents before they happen.

  • 24/7 video and audio intervention for small businesses such as shops, gas stations and deli’s

  • Effective protection for your counter clerks and cash registers, more efficient than panic buttons

  • Virtual tours of inside property at scheduled and random times

  • Recording, documentation and sharing data of incidents and events

  • Notification of first responders when appropriate

  • Ability to tie in to existing security system, creating end-to- end solution

  • Proven reduction of hold-ups, theft, and loss, by consistent quality control

  • Professionally monitored 24/7 in UL-listed central monitoring station

 How it Works

Worldwide Safeshop is a service designed to better protect your small business, (usually a higher end shop, deli, or gas station), and have your people feel more secure – busy business hours or during later night shifts

Where it Works

Worldwide Safeshop works well in a variety of small entrepreneurial settings, such as; shops, deli’s, gas stations, convenience stores, check cashiers, jewelry shops, locations handing cash or other valuables