Burglary protection

Motion detectors and keypads

Glass break sensors

Exterior security

Safe & vault protection

 UL-listed systems


Video Surveillance

Video cameras

NVR and DVR services

Remote access security

Remote (multisite) viewing security 

 Video analytics




Fire protection

Fire & smoke detectors

CO detectors

Duct detection systems

Voice evacuation systems

Inspections and cleanings

Violation remediation




Card readers

Biometrics security

Magnetic locks

Delayed egress

Visitor management systems and analytics


Interactive Services

Interactive voice

Medical Alert Systems (PERS, mPERS)

Remote Doorman (package delivery, closet/freezer storage, delivery management systems)

Total connect services

 Home automation and Total Connect services including locks, lights, thermostats and media control


Dealer program

Burglary alarm monitoring

Fire monitoring (NYC fire approved)

Video monitoring

Access control monitoring

Medical and personal emergency response monitoring



Do you have a family, personal belongings, and do you want to protect them? At WorldWide Security we treat your home and your family like our own. Since 1979 we’ve been protecting home and small business owners in New York and Long Island from unwanted intrusion, theft, and other harm. We install, service, and monitor state of the art burglary alarms, video systems, fire alarms, and video doorbells, so you can see what’s going on while you’re away. Also, we have “Create a Connected Home”, installing smart-home features such as “smart lighting” (from alarm.com), “smart heating” (from nest.com), and “smart access control” for opening front doors and garages right from your phone. We can even draw a perimeter around your house on a map, through geofencing and turn on your alarm automatically when you drive off the perimeter.

Our smart security systems detect trespassers before they enter your premises through hidden cameras. Also, in the home, you can turn on your cameras while you’re away and off while you’re home. Through smart alert systems, we notify you on your cellphone. We own a highly sophisticated central station, and have a 24/7 staff right here in New York, where we monitor burglar alarms, fire alarms, water flow, and flood sensors, as well as medical or panic alarm buttons.

If you’re either at home or away from your home, at work, or on vacation, we make sure you feel confident your property is protected. We are New York City fire approved and UL-listed. With more than70 people in New York City, Garden City, and South Hampton, WorldWide Security is the only company that offers same-day / next-day service and will commit to providing lower prices than any competitors pricing. Ask for a free installation, receive a free quote, and choose an installation date. It’s as simple as that to feel more secure about your most prized possessions. Welcome to WorldWide. Additionally, contact Worldwide Security for information about our home security systems and installation services.