Home Security Solution

We strive to provide the most advanced technologies to our clients that leave you connected and informed, whether you’re at home or away. Our skilled technicians are constantly looking to improve and update our products to match the expectations of families living in today’s modern world. Worldwide Security offers several options and features to protect your home that includes:

·      Motion Detectors with Keypads

·      Glass Break Sensors

·      Safe and Vault Protection

·      Video Cameras

·      Access Control

·      Fire, Smoke, and Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Customized Home Security Systems

For decades, Worldwide Security has maintained its reputation as the best choice in home security in the New York City area. By prioritizing customer service, our staff will take the time to walk you through the entire process of designing the perfect security system for your home to the home security installation phase to subsequent ongoing monitoring. During your initial conversations with one of our expert representatives, we make sure to gather any crucial information we need to identify your unique needs and security system requirements. We will familiarize ourselves with your home, determining potential risk and threats you may be exposed to. We will then make a recommendation, taking into account the size of your home and your budget.


Home Security For All

Always committed to customer satisfaction, Worldwide Security believes that home security should be affordable to all families. We will work hard to provide you with a system that possesses the capabilities you are looking for in a security system that does not break the bank.


Unmatched Security Benefits

We believe in our ability to protect your home, and so do thousands of customers across the country. The list of benefits for choosing the innovative, integrated, and comprehensive home security systems provided by Worldwide Security is extensive and includes:


Protection of your home and family from intruders: It has been shown that homes without security systems are more likely to experience break-ins than homes with security systems installed.


Protection of your home and family from fires: Security systems not only protect against robbery, but they are also equipped to detect smoke and fire early. This allows you and your family to quickly move to safety before getting trapped in a dangerous situation.

Protection of your family from Carbon Monoxide poisoning: without a system set in place, it is virtually impossible to detect the colorless and odorless Carbon Monoxide gas. However, when inhaled, this gas can be deadly. A security system can detect the presence of CO and alert you immediately.


Why Choose Us?

If you’re ready to take your home security system to the next level, do not hesitate to contact Worldwide Security today. You will not regret your decision to place the security of your home in our hands and can expect to enjoy such benefits as 24/7 security monitoring from our central station in the New York City area, local offices with tech support, and more. We are standing by to begin your free consultation and start the conversation around what you’ll need to keep your family and valuables protected.  

Make The Right Choice

The list of benefits for equipping your home with a state-of-the-art home security system from Worldwide Security goes on and on. Making this important decision to create a safe space for your family doesn’t have to be difficult.


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