Committed to Your Safety

When a fire has started in your New York home or business, time is of the essence to protect not only your physical possessions and property, but most importantly yourself, family, and staff.  When you place your trust in a Worldwide Security fire alarm system, you can count on early detection through the use of advanced technology, in addition to an immediate response from our trained professionals at our central control station who will have emergency personnel dispatched to your location in the blink of an eye.


Fire Protection Through Innovation

Not all fire protection systems are created equal, and those offered by Worldwide Security are among the most sophisticated and comprehensive.  The skilled innovators at Worldwide Security have truly developed a fire detection system that takes into account the wide range of possibilities of emergency situations that your home or business needs to be protected against.

A fire detection system from Worldwide Security encompass features that include but are not limited to:

  • The detection of both fast flames and smoldering fires

  • Immediate notifications alerting a central monitoring station

  • Voice evacuation systems

  • The ability to easily test your fire and smoke detectors


Comprehensive Fire Protection

Worldwide Security has built its reputation on continuous innovation within the New York City security service industry. Cutting-edge technology is our specialty, and our fire protection systems reflect this, not stopping simply with fire or smoke detectors.  They also include:

Carbon Monoxide Detectors: swift action must be taken to remove individuals and pets from an environment in which carbon monoxide is present. Our state of the art Carbon Monoxide detectors will alert you immediately when a leak is sensed so you can get your loved ones or employees to safety.

Duct Detection Systems: Your fire alarm system should be engineered to detect smoke, even if flames are not yet present. The advanced duct detection systems offered by Worldwide Security stop smoke or other toxic gasses from spreading throughout your home or business, preventing a potentially deadly situation.

Voice Evacuation Systems: When a fire occurs, it is important to take every measure necessary to alert those who may be on the premises. One of the most effective ways to do so is through loud audible alerts that inform individuals that immediate evacuation is necessary due to a detected threat.

Inspections and Cleanings: our technical staff is available for regular inspections and cleaning of your comprehensive fire protection system, or can help walk you through the cleaning and inspection process, ensuring that it is up to code and ready in the event of an emergency.


Why Choose Us?

At Worldwide Security, we strive for complete customer satisfaction. For this reason, we offer customer service unlike any other security systems company through features including:

  • Timely fire alarm system installation

  • Tech support available to customers after installation

  • 24/7 support for security monitoring in our central station.

For decades, customers have trusted Worldwide Security to protect their loved ones and livelihoods from harm by fire. We’ve successfully put in place fire protection systems that save lives from fire, smoke, and toxic cases, and are always working hard to incorporate the latest technological advancements in our security systems.


The Right Choice

Contact the knowledgeable representatives at Worldwide Security today to discuss the fire protection options in the New York City area available for your home or business today.  During our initial consultation, we will gather all the information we need to make an informed recommendation of which fire detection system best suits your space and budget.  Now is the time to take action and protect what matters most, do not hesitate to trust Worldwide Security with this responsibility.  

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