Protecting What Matters Most

In an instant, a burglary can transform your home or business into a space that no longer feels safe for your family, friends, and employees. The right safety precautions must be taken to protect against such traumatic incidents, and Worldwide Security is proud to offer the burglary protection you need to protect what matters most. For more than 37 years we’ve helped thousands of customers across the country keep their homes and businesses safe from burglary with top quality security systems.


Thinking Outside The Box

At Worldwide Security, we are industry leaders offering innovative and high-quality burglary protection solutions in the New York area. By always staying on top of the latest advancements in security, we can accurately tailor our security solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer. Committed wholly to our clients, we are focused on providing the best customer service and start by building custom-fit packages suited to the security requirements of each customer in mind. We have an extensive reach across the country, and a large customer concentration in New York including the five boroughs, Garden City, and Long Island’s East End.


The Complete Package

With our burglary alarm systems, we’ve helped more than 23 thousand customers protect their homes and businesses. Our burglary protection systems go beyond just the burglar alarm.  We build our security systems to fit in line with the expectations of the modern family and business owners, keeping you connected to the spaces you want to protect in a variety of ways.


Developed for the Modern World

Our security systems are designed to continuously collect the data you need to monitor your home or business, and notify you when there are concerns. With burglary protection from Worldwide Security, you define your security parameters, and we provide the equipment you need to put your security plan in action. We offer a variety of options to choose from when it comes to protecting against burglary, including:

Motion detector installation with keypads, which immediately respond to the presence of an individual in your home or business

Glass break sensors designed to notify both you and the central monitoring station operators when a window, door, or other glass barrier has been breached

Exterior security including video cameras or access control systems that keep you in control and aware of who is trying to access your home or business

Safe and vault protection for your valuables


Committed to Customer Satisfaction

With over 37 years of experience, the expert staff at Worldwide Security have developed a wealth of knowledge in what is necessary to resist and prevent intruders.  We will guide you through the entire process of selecting a burglary protection system; from the initial consultation with a Worldwide Security representative all the way through the design phase, installation, and ongoing monitoring.  Should the security needs of your home or business change over time due to growth in assets or even the number of family members, we will help you assess new threats over time and adapt your burglar alarm system to reflect your requirements.


Why Choose World Wide Security?

With Worldwide Security, you’ll have peace of mind that the space in which your family or employees live or work is protected.  Our burglary protection systems not only help to deter unwelcome burglars from intruding in the first place, but should a robbery occur, they also make locating and bringing perpetrators to justice a lot easier.


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The experts at Worldwide Security are standing by now to introduce you to our wide array of burglary protection options for homes and businesses.  Contact us today to start your journey towards security with a state of the art solution from Worldwide Security.  Further, you can enjoy same day service in many cases, in addition to customer tech support if you have any questions or concerns.

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