Which Burglar Alarm Should I Get?

Burglary is a constant occurrence in our society in neighborhoods and cities across the country. Taking the right precautions to protect your home or business from burglars is essential for maintaining piece of mind and protecting your loved ones.  Fortunately for home and business owners today, there is no shortage of burglary alarm security systems available on the market.  From motion detectors to video surveillance to burglary alarms, every inch of your property can be protected.


Motion Detectors

Many home and business owners wonder, do home security systems deter burglars? It has been proven time and time again that they absolutely do. One option that many home and businesses owners choose to implement in addition to a burglary alarm in their protection plans are motion detectors. Often times motion detectors will be set up to turn on a flood light when motion is detected, while there is also the option to have an alert sent to your mobile device when the detector is triggered.  No matter the type of motion detector you choose, burglars will be made aware that they have been detected and should leave immediately.


Glass Break Sensors

In homes or businesses of size, it can be virtually impossible to know what’s happening in another area of the property.  This means that even if a window or glass door is broken by an intruder, you may not realize they’ve entered your home until it’s too late.  Individuals asking themselves, which burglar alarm should I get? should consider glass break sensors. With glass break sensors, a burglary alarm will sound immediately and your external monitoring center will be notified. Glass break sensors can be installed on practically any window or glass paneling, ensuring you’re completely protected from those who have malicious intentions.


Video Surveillance

Many home and business owners aiming to enhance the security of their property choose to install comprehensive video surveillance systems in conjunction with a burglary alarm.  Clients trust video surveillance because it provides another set of eyes in locations around your home or workplace that lack visibility. Further, it is easy to monitor your cameras from a mobile device, enabling you to check in on who may be in or around your home while you’re away.  Should a break in occur, video surveillance also provides a real-time record of the incident, making the process of catching the culprit infinitely easier.


Safe & Vault Protection

Even with an extensive burglary alarm security system in and around your home or business, there may be certain possessions in need of an extra layer of protection. Whether you’d like to store cash, jewelry or other important documents thieves would like to get their hands on, a safe or vault is a great form of added protection to a burglary alarm system.  Many home and business security systems make it easy to incorporate a safe or vault into your protection plan, allowing you to monitor who has accessed or attempted to gain access into your safe storage location.


Burglary Alarms from Worldwide Security

Implementing a burglary alarm security system for your home or business that utilizes one, a few, or all of the components listed above is the first step in protecting your family, staff, and valuables.  Stop spending time asking yourself which burglar alarm should I get? and take the next steps in selecting a customized security solution that will not only protect against burglars but also deter them from attempting to gain access to your property altogether.