Types of Security Systems for Homes and Businesses

Making the decision to install a security system for your home or business is the first step towards protection and peace of mind.  It can be overwhelming, however, to actually determine which home or commercial security system to install, as there are a number of different types of home security systems effective for deterring burglars. Working with a reputable home security system provider like Worldwide Security will help determine which option is right for the unique security needs of your property.


Monitored Alarm Systems

For the most comprehensive approach to home or business security, monitored alarm systems are one of the top choices. These types of security systems for homes are typically monitored 24/7 by an external security company standing by to dispatch emergency personnel in the event that something happens. Monitored alarm systems can incorporate video surveillance, broken glass detection, audible burglary alarms, and more, to prevent burglars from successfully infiltrating your home or business.


Wireless Alarm Systems

When it comes to deterring potential burglars, wireless types of home security systems do the job effectively and efficiently.  Because wireless security systems utilize a cellular connection, you are easily kept informed in real-time of what’s happening at your home or business.  Further, because there are no visible cable or phone lines on the exterior of your building, there is no way for potential thieves to disable. Another benefit when it comes to protection against burglaries are that different types of home security systems that are wireless will not shut off in the event of a loss of power, phone, or Internet service. You will always be protected through the use of a dedicated cellular connection and/or battery-powered back-up that keeps your security system up and running.


Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems are go-to types of home security systems for homes many individuals looking to protect their homes or businesses, and for good reason.  An effective security tactic for any property, video surveillance security systems not only work by deterring potential thieves, but they also make catching burglars easier should a robbery occur.  Comprehensive video surveillance systems are quick and easy to install, giving you insight into virtually every corner of your home or facility depending on where you place your cameras. 


Access Control Systems

When it comes to security for your business against burglars, limiting who can and cannot enter your building should be a top priority.  The best way to do so is by installing an access control system, which provides unmatched safety and peace of mind. With these types of security systems, you can restrict specific areas of your facility to certain employees, making it virtually impossible for those who don’t belong to gain entry without a keycard.  If you house valuable items in your place of business, access control systems store invaluable data on who entered where, and at what time. Should items go missing, you can easily pinpoint possible culprits. 

No matter your security needs large or small, there are many types of security systems for homes and businesses that can be customized to protect your property.  If you are exploring the different types of home security systems, contact the representatives at Worldwide Security today. With your security requirements and budget in mind, we will create a tailored security solution you can trust.