Worldwide Security Group acquires Briscoe Protective Systems

On August 24th 2017, Worldwide Security Group, LLC, has acquired Briscoe Protective Systems, Inc..  Founded in 1978, Briscoe, with >55 people and offices in Centereach, Harrison and Manhattan, is one the the largest privately held security companies in New York, the largest specialized in fire safety exclusively.  Briscoe focuses on fire security and fire alarm monitoring, and provides services for more than four thousand commercial clients, such as Grand Central Terminal, well known hotels and universities, and thousands of iconic Manhattan office buildings.  With Worldwide Security, the combination and its >115 employees becomes the largest privately held security company in the NYC-Metro area, and one of the 35 largest public and private security companies in the United States, based on the 2017 US SDM-top 100 ranking. (

Which Burglar Alarm Should I Get?

Burglary is a constant occurrence in our society in neighborhoods and cities across the country. Taking the right precautions to protect your home or business from burglars is essential for maintaining piece of mind and protecting your loved ones.  Fortunately for home and business owners today, there is no shortage of burglary alarm security systems available on the market.  From motion detectors to video surveillance to burglary alarms, every inch of your property can be protected.


Motion Detectors

Many home and business owners wonder, do home security systems deter burglars? It has been proven time and time again that they absolutely do. One option that many home and businesses owners choose to implement in addition to a burglary alarm in their protection plans are motion detectors. Often times motion detectors will be set up to turn on a flood light when motion is detected, while there is also the option to have an alert sent to your mobile device when the detector is triggered.  No matter the type of motion detector you choose, burglars will be made aware that they have been detected and should leave immediately.


Glass Break Sensors

In homes or businesses of size, it can be virtually impossible to know what’s happening in another area of the property.  This means that even if a window or glass door is broken by an intruder, you may not realize they’ve entered your home until it’s too late.  Individuals asking themselves, which burglar alarm should I get? should consider glass break sensors. With glass break sensors, a burglary alarm will sound immediately and your external monitoring center will be notified. Glass break sensors can be installed on practically any window or glass paneling, ensuring you’re completely protected from those who have malicious intentions.


Video Surveillance

Many home and business owners aiming to enhance the security of their property choose to install comprehensive video surveillance systems in conjunction with a burglary alarm.  Clients trust video surveillance because it provides another set of eyes in locations around your home or workplace that lack visibility. Further, it is easy to monitor your cameras from a mobile device, enabling you to check in on who may be in or around your home while you’re away.  Should a break in occur, video surveillance also provides a real-time record of the incident, making the process of catching the culprit infinitely easier.


Safe & Vault Protection

Even with an extensive burglary alarm security system in and around your home or business, there may be certain possessions in need of an extra layer of protection. Whether you’d like to store cash, jewelry or other important documents thieves would like to get their hands on, a safe or vault is a great form of added protection to a burglary alarm system.  Many home and business security systems make it easy to incorporate a safe or vault into your protection plan, allowing you to monitor who has accessed or attempted to gain access into your safe storage location.


Burglary Alarms from Worldwide Security

Implementing a burglary alarm security system for your home or business that utilizes one, a few, or all of the components listed above is the first step in protecting your family, staff, and valuables.  Stop spending time asking yourself which burglar alarm should I get? and take the next steps in selecting a customized security solution that will not only protect against burglars but also deter them from attempting to gain access to your property altogether. 


Importance of Security Systems

While many individuals are apprehensive when it comes to investing in a quality security system for their home or business, the importance of security systems to protect the people and possessions that matter most should not be overlooked. By taking your security to the next level you will prevent costly robberies, protect your family from fires and other environmental issues, and provide yourself with peace of mind knowing that you’re always being monitored. 


Importance of Home Security Against Burglars

It’s impossible to put a price on the importance of home security. Studies have found that homes with security systems installed are significantly less likely to be targeted by burglars, keeping families safe and secure. In the event a burglar does successfully enter through a door or window, your alarm will immediately notify you and your family members, as well as an external monitoring center that something is happening. Emergency personnel will be dispatched, and in a matter of minutes control and order is restored.


Importance of Security Systems Against Fires

Not only does the importance of security systems depend upon the potential for burglaries, but also the possibility for fires in your home or business.  Comprehensive security solutions today can effectively and efficiently notify those within your home or work facility that a fire has broken out, emitting audible sirens or warning messages notifying all that they should vacate the premises immediately.  Within a brief amount of time, emergency personnel will be on their way to put out the fire and make sure your loved ones and property are taken care of.


Importance of Home Security Against Carbon Monoxide

When wondering why home security is important, often times carbon monoxide poisoning is overlooked.  This colorless and odorless gas can be released from a number of sources, including gas ranges, stoves, or even burning wood or charcoal. It is crucial that you put in place measures to protect the ones you love and care about from this silent and sometimes deadly gas.  With a home security system that detects carbon monoxide, you will be notified immediately of the presence of carbon monoxide, allowing you to get out of your home quickly before any harm is done. 


Why Home Security is Important

Whether you’re away on vacation for an extended period of time, or wanting to keep an eye on an elderly family member at home alone, home security systems give you unlimited access to the people and items that matter most.  With remote monitoring capabilities on your mobile devices, you can check in on your property from virtually anywhere with a wireless connection.  Further, when you aren’t able to check in, there is always someone keeping tabs on your home or business at an external monitoring center, standing by in the event of an incident.  No matter the day or hour, there is always someone there who understands why home security is important, keeping your safety as their first priority.


Peace of Mind with Worldwide Security

Nothing beats the peace of mind offered by a comprehensive home security system from Worldwide Security. Thousands of customers across the country have put their trust in our ability to protect their loved ones and possessions through the use of our security cameras, burglar alarms, motion detectors, fire & smoke detectors, glass break sensors, and so much more.  The importance of home security and security for your business should not be ignored. Contact us today to determine the right security solution for your property.


Types of Security Systems for Homes and Businesses

Making the decision to install a security system for your home or business is the first step towards protection and peace of mind.  It can be overwhelming, however, to actually determine which home or commercial security system to install, as there are a number of different types of home security systems effective for deterring burglars. Working with a reputable home security system provider like Worldwide Security will help determine which option is right for the unique security needs of your property.


Monitored Alarm Systems

For the most comprehensive approach to home or business security, monitored alarm systems are one of the top choices. These types of security systems for homes are typically monitored 24/7 by an external security company standing by to dispatch emergency personnel in the event that something happens. Monitored alarm systems can incorporate video surveillance, broken glass detection, audible burglary alarms, and more, to prevent burglars from successfully infiltrating your home or business.


Wireless Alarm Systems

When it comes to deterring potential burglars, wireless types of home security systems do the job effectively and efficiently.  Because wireless security systems utilize a cellular connection, you are easily kept informed in real-time of what’s happening at your home or business.  Further, because there are no visible cable or phone lines on the exterior of your building, there is no way for potential thieves to disable. Another benefit when it comes to protection against burglaries are that different types of home security systems that are wireless will not shut off in the event of a loss of power, phone, or Internet service. You will always be protected through the use of a dedicated cellular connection and/or battery-powered back-up that keeps your security system up and running.


Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems are go-to types of home security systems for homes many individuals looking to protect their homes or businesses, and for good reason.  An effective security tactic for any property, video surveillance security systems not only work by deterring potential thieves, but they also make catching burglars easier should a robbery occur.  Comprehensive video surveillance systems are quick and easy to install, giving you insight into virtually every corner of your home or facility depending on where you place your cameras. 


Access Control Systems

When it comes to security for your business against burglars, limiting who can and cannot enter your building should be a top priority.  The best way to do so is by installing an access control system, which provides unmatched safety and peace of mind. With these types of security systems, you can restrict specific areas of your facility to certain employees, making it virtually impossible for those who don’t belong to gain entry without a keycard.  If you house valuable items in your place of business, access control systems store invaluable data on who entered where, and at what time. Should items go missing, you can easily pinpoint possible culprits. 

No matter your security needs large or small, there are many types of security systems for homes and businesses that can be customized to protect your property.  If you are exploring the different types of home security systems, contact the representatives at Worldwide Security today. With your security requirements and budget in mind, we will create a tailored security solution you can trust.

Do I Need A Security System

With countless advertisements for security systems, you may ask yourself, “do I need a home security system?” The truth is there is no home or business too big or too small for a security system to protect against intruders and more.  Whether you live in a single-family home, apartment, or own a business, there are unique sets of security challenges relevant to each space that can be addressed with the proper security system.


Should I get a security system for my single-family home?

Single-family homes of all sizes can benefit from the implementation of a comprehensive security system to protect against intruders.  So, if you find yourself asking do I need a home security system, the answer is yes. Even in seemingly safe neighborhoods, skilled burglars are able to effectively target homes that do not have a security system. Further, single family homes often fall victim to environmental disasters such as fires and carbon monoxide, problems that can have devastating consequences.  Those wondering if they should get a security system for their home should do so to prevent a burglary, fire, or carbon monoxide poisoning from harming their family.  With motion detectors, security cameras, glass break sensors, and more, you can monitor all that’s happening in and around your home from virtually anywhere with a mobile device. Or, technicians located at an external monitoring facility will keep an eye on your home 24/7, notifying you or emergency personnel when an incident occurs.


Do I need a home security system for my apartment?

Apartment buildings present a unique security risk in that there is often a constant flow of people coming and going. This can make it difficult to determine who belongs and who doesn’t, even when the doors are access controlled.  For this reason, many individuals who have asked themselves at one time or another do I need a home security system? choose to install security systems in their apartments, large or small, in the event that a burglar gains access to the building.  Whether you’re away on vacation, have a pet at home you’d like to keep an eye on, or simply have valuables you want to keep protected, a security system in your apartment can provide you with an additional set of eyes to keep you informed of everything going on in your home. 


Should I get a security system for my Office Building/Business?

If you’ve ever wondered should I get a security system for my office building? or should I get a security system for my business? There are a number of benefits you should consider. Your workplace or business is directly linked to your livelihood, so ensuring that it is protected at all times is crucial.  Remote access security systems allow only those that belong to enter your facility, while keeping individuals with bad intentions out.  You’ll have extensive logs of who entered which part of the building at what time, and have the power to restrict access to certain areas or floors of your business to a particular set of employees.  Further, if your place of business houses items with street value, having a burglar alarm, motion detectors, glass break sensors, and more it critical to making sure costly break ins don’t take a devastating toll on your inventory and revenue.

No matter your home or business, the answer to “Should I get a security system?” or “Do I need a home security system?” is always yes. Talk to our representatives today to discuss your security system options, and be on your way to protecting what matters most.

Do Alarm Systems Really Work?

Many families and business owners find themselves at one point or another debating whether or not to install a security system. Considering the financial investment involved in the process, it is natural to wonder do alarm systems work effectively to deter potential thieves and keep property safe? Taking the time to weigh the benefits to installing a security system as well as any potential drawbacks is a great way to determine what alarm system is right for your home and/or business.


Do Alarm Systems Work: Pros

Affordability: Questions around affordability are a leading factor in leaving people to wonder, “do home security systems work?” Even with the many major technological advancements that have been made in recent years, alarm systems are more affordable than ever. Reasonable installation and monthly fees make the decision to install a security system easy, as many customers realize that the 24/7 protection they receive is worth the investment.

Peace of Mind:  There is no greater feeling than knowing that your loved ones and hard-earned possessions are safe and protected.  Home security systems and alarm systems for your business bring about a peace of mind in knowing that for every 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week, there is a team of response technicians standing by should something happen.  For many customers who’ve asked themselves do security systems work, this sense of security is reason enough to install an alarm system.

Protection: Time and time again it has been shown that potential thieves and burglars are less likely to follow through with a robbery if they know a house or building is armed, or if an alarm sounds during an attempted robbery. However, the protection doesn’t stop here.  Today’s home security systems protect against environmental problems including carbon monoxide, fire, smoke, and even flooding. For those who wonder do home security systems work, the number of protective components available on the market today mean that all aspects of your safety are accounted for and incorporated into your customized protection plan.


Do Alarm Systems Work: Cons

Arming your System:  Do alarm systems work? Of course they do! But they have to be armed first.  It may take a little bit of time for new security system owners to remember to arm their systems. Further, over time users may become more lax in when they choose to set their alarms. Keeping the system armed whenever you are away from your home or business is essential.

Accidently Setting off the Alarm: From time to time customers will accidently set their alarm off. A siren will sound, and if the passcode is not entered within 30-60 seconds the response center will try to contact you or even dispatch emergency personnel.  While this may seem like a potential nuisance, it is effective in answering how do security systems work, and demonstrating how efficient your alarm system actually is in protecting what matters most to you.


Why Do Alarm Systems Work from Worldwide Security

When customers inevitably ask the knowledgeable representatives at Worldwide Security, “Do home security systems work?” we are proud to share that customers all over the country have prevented burglaries, been notified of smoke or carbon monoxide, or have just expressed a great deal of peace of mind due to the presence of their alarm system.  The minor inconveniences that may come with installing an alarm system are no match for the many benefits that help keep your valuables, staff, and loved ones safe.

Worldwide Security acquires the Burglary Alarm division of Goodstrong Lock and Alarm, Inc.

Goodstrong Lock & Alarm, Inc. is a protection and detection company based in New Hyde Park, New York.  Goodstrong has been providing residential and light commercial customers with burglary alarms and other protection services since 1985.  Worldwide Security has acquired the Goodstrong Alarm division in January of 2017, and its management and service teams will be integrated into Worldwide Security.  The acquisition of Goodstrong helps Worldwide Security to continue to service the home and light commercial markets and gain deeper understanding from security customers in New York.

Worldwide Security acquires burglary alarm division of CCTV Services, Inc.

CCTV Services Inc. is a company from which Worldwide Security has acquired the burglary alarm division.  A natural fit with many in mid-Long Island, CCTV’s burglary alarm division adds to Worldwide Security’s expansion in Nassau county.  We will continue to service CCTV Service’s customers as if they were our own and look forward to protecting them from risky life events.