Control Placed In Your Hands

One of the biggest risks to security is having a space that does not limit the number of people able to move freely throughout a workspace or other facility. The access control systems offered by Worldwide Security are long-term solutions for putting the control in your hands to determine who can enter, exit, and access the various spaces within your New York facility.


Security for the Modern Age

Always advancing, Worldwide Security allows you to move beyond the traditional lock and key, which does not provide the high level of protection and control required of today’s modern businesses in the New York area.  Our state of the art access control security systems come with such capabilities including the ability to track who and when someone has accessed certain parts of your building and even gives managers or owners the ability to lock and unlock doors remotely from a mobile or web-enabled device.


Tailor-made Security Solutions

The experts at Worldwide Security understand that no two clients are alike.  Your space in the New York area is unique in physical size, the number of individuals who need access, and security requirements, and we take this information into account when designing your tailor-made door access control system. When it comes to NYC access control, we are a leading force in the industry, incorporating features like no other.


Access Control Options


Card Access Systems and Readers: easy and convenient security solutions that can be set up to allow varying levels of access to different individuals

Biometrics Security: advanced technology that can authenticate and subsequently provide access to your facility through the use of an individual’s physical characteristics

Door Access Control Systems with Magnetic Locks: Keep your doors more secure by replacing the lock and key and installing state of the art magnetic locks that cannot be picked and are capable of keeping doors closed with unmatched strength

Delayed Egress: by preventing the ability of an unauthorized person to leave the premises for a short duration of time, perpetrators are more likely to be caught as authorities making their way to your facility

Visitor Management Systems and Analytics: It is essential to have the ability to continuously monitor visitors to your business, and have transparent data of their whereabouts throughout their stay


The Trusted Name in Security

The experienced developers at Worldwide Security know that when it comes to security, information is key.  Our goal is to keep our customers connected, informed, and always in control of who can access their facilities at what time.  Our success in adapting new technology and maintaining customer relationships is what has allowed us to serve more than 23 thousand unique clients in the NY area over the past 37 years.


Protect What Matters

If you are interested in taking the security of your business or facility to the next level with a Worldwide Security access control system, do not hesitate to contact us today to speak with one of our highly trained representatives.  We are excited to match you with the features you need in an access control system to protect the spaces and people you value most.  When you select a Worldwide Security access control system, you receive instant peace of mind that you are in the right hands.

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